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Current PhD students

ricardRicard Alert

  • Mechanics of cells and tissues
  • “La Caixa” fellowship


Ido Lavi

  • Chemotactic cell motility 
  • Co-advised with R. Voituriez and M. Piel


 Former PhD students


davidDavid Oriola 

  • Self-organization and cooperativity of  cytoskeletal molecular motors
  • Currently a postdoc at CBG-PKS Max Planck Institutes (J. Brugués, Dresden)


javierJavier G. Orlandi

  • Noise, coherent activity and network structure in neuronal cultures
  • Currently a postdoc at University of Calgary


blanch-mercader_carlesCarles Blanch-Mercader

  • Mechanical instabilities and dynamics of living matter: from single-cell motility to collective cell migration (2015).
  • Currently a postdoc at Institut Curie (J.-F. Joanny, Paris)


bitllochPau Bitlloch 

  • Turbulent bubble suspensions and crystal growth in microgravity. Drop tower experiments and numerical simulations (2012, co-advised by X. Ruiz))
  • Currently a postdoc in our group


janJan Brugués

  • Studies of dynamic phenomena in soft matter and physical biology (2008, co-advised with P. Sens)
  • Postdoc at Harvard FAS Center for Systems Biology (D. Needleman)
  • Currently group leader at MPI-CBG and MPI-PKS at Dresden


Otger_CampasOtger Campàs

  • From molecular force generation to large scale cellular movements (2006, co-advised with J.-F. Joanny and J. Prost)
  • Postdoc at Harvard University (L. Mahadevan, D. Weitz, M. Brenner)
  • Currently at University of California at Santa Barbara


eduardEduard Pauné

  • Interface dynamics in two-dimensional viscous flows (2002)
  • Currently: Project Manager & Ruby on Rails Developer in Healthcare Software in Xarxa Santa Tecla 


Alvarez.Lacalle.EnriqueEnric Alvarez-Lacalle

  • Interfacial instabilities in viscous flows: theory and experiments (2004, co-advised with J. Ortín)
  • Postdoc at Weizmann Institute of Science (E. Moses)
  • Currently at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


groupphoto1Roger Folch

  • Phase-field approach to viscous fingering (2000, co-advised with A. Hernández-Machado)
  • Postdocs at Lorentz Institute (W.van Sarloos) and MPI-PKS (M. Bär) and E. Polytechnique (M. Plapp)
  • Currently in private sector


magdalenoFrancesc X. Magdaleno

  • Singular effects of surface tension in Saffman-Taylor dynamics
  • Currently in private sector: CTO/Chief Software Architect at Blueknow



armeroJoan Armero

  • Effects of modulations and external fluctuations on front dynamics (1996, co-advised with J. M. Sancho)
  • Currently in private sector



Current postdoc


bitllochPau Bitlloch 

  • Capillary boiling with controlled nucleation in microgravity. 
  • Research sponsored by US Air Force Office of Scientific Research and European Space Agency (2012-15)


Former postdocs


sabatelliLorenzo Sabatelli




ernestoErnesto Nicola




stenruediger_webSten Rüdiger




andreaAndrea Rocco




Giulia20000729bGiulia Iori





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